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Coffee Bean Invigorating Mask

Coffee Bean Invigorating Mask

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EBONiiVORY Coffee Invigorating Collagen gel mask contains concentrated levels of caffeine and is full of antioxidants that can ‘wake up’ the skin by stimulating the skins blood circulation.

The revitalising formula promotes the metabolism of fat cells, brightens the eye area and deflates puffiness around the face with the infusion of caffeine, erasing dark circles, smoothing deep lines and delivering an invigorating boost of antioxidants. With added skincare essences it helps restore lacklustre skin by also healing damage from sun exposure.


Our moisture infused face masks are a 2 piece single use Crystal Collagen mask that is designed to be EASY TO APPLYMESS FREE and GENTLE on ALL SKIN TYPES.

EBONiiVORY masks are the perfect accessory for taking 20-30 minutes 'me' time or gather your friends mask together. Don't forget to tag us in your masking selfies #eboniivory 

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