• Full body – 1 hour massage$72
  • Full body – exfoliation$50
  • Full body – massage & exfoliation$85
  • Back shoulders – 30 minute massage$50
  • Feet and Legs – 30 minute massage$50
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  • 2 hour tan$40
  • 8 hour tan$35
  • Weekly tan$25
  • ½ body tan$20
  • Additional coat for the darkest of tans$5-10
  • Full body exfoliation & 8-hour tan$70
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Single Slimyonik $70 per treatment.

Program of 10 $550.

Slimyonik offers tailored pressure therapy massages combined with the inhalation of air enriched oxygen, which gently activates your lymph system, boosts your metabolism and increases the flow of blood to your skin and fat tissue. You are set to burn as much fat as possible. Basically, you need a healthy supply of oxygen along with a reduction in calories and an active metabolism if you want to lose weight.

Slimyonik can help as a diet support, improves cellulite, helps alleviate fluid retention, great relaxation treatment and is helpful for lymphatic disorders.

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Body Treatments

Herbal Detox Body Wraps: Improve your body shape, tighten skin, even out skin tone.

  • Helps with toxins and cellulite$85
  • DMK Body Enzyme $150
  • Recommended course of 10 $750
  • Dr. Spiller Algae Body Muds $110

Used all over the world, Thalassalgo is used extensively by Thalassotherapy Centres in slimming treatments. Regular application of the seaweed pulp as part of a course, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, will help you get rid of excess kilos. Mainly composed of Fucus seaweed, this formula owes its richness to its high minerals, rich in calcium and magnesium.

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  • Classic manicure$45
  • File and polish$25
  • Spa manicure 1-hour inc. paraffin$68
  • Gel polish$46
  • French polish$10
  • Acrylic full set$82
  • Acrylic rebalance$60
  • Removal of acrylics$60
  • Gel full set$80
  • Rebalance gel$60
  • Removal of gel$60
  • Acrylic or gel repairs (single nail)$12
  • Nail art (single nail)$5
  • Nail art (full nail)$40
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  • File and polish $25
  • Classic pedicure 30 min $46
  • Calerase Medi pedicure $60
  • Spa pedicure and paraffin 1-hour $68
  • Classic pedicure and gel polish $79
  • French polish extra $10
  • Gel polish $46
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